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Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast

Sep 1, 2022

Episode 35

Welcome to The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, your go to podcast for loan officers who want to hear about the latest gizmos, gadgets, and more! 

On this episode, your host Frank Garay, goes over a very cool gadget that costs an originator absolutely nothing, but provides extremely high value to their home buyers. Relocator is much more than a moving checklist, it's a complete moving experience that's fully branded to you, doesn't cost you or your borrower a penny, and even allows you to include your own local service providers as resources for your clients. In the words of Frank, “It's pretty epic.”

Visit to get and account started and a demo.

Want more of the latest gadgets and gizmos that loan officers must have today? Schedule a call here and our team will share the gold!