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Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast

Apr 4, 2024

Episode 112

Welcome to another epic episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, with your host, Frank Garay.

In this compelling episode of the Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, host Frank Garay welcomes Kevin Gillespie from The Loan Officer Leadership Academy to share invaluable insights into the competitive world of mortgage lending.

With a focus on one of the Academy's 16 strategic teachings, Kevin unveils a quick and effective method to secure a coveted position as a preferred lender within new home-building communities—a strategy Frank himself has successfully implemented.

Tune in as they delve into the nuances of this approach, providing listeners with practical tips and firsthand experiences to navigate the complexities of the mortgage industry.

Whether you're a seasoned loan officer looking to expand your reach or a newcomer eager to make your mark, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you stand out in the fast-paced world of real estate finance.

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