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Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast

Feb 12, 2022

Episode 6

Welcome back to Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets. 

Your host, Frank Garay, is joined by Jen Connley, a two-comma club member (over $1M) and fellow co-host on the popular & interactive zoom meeting, Loan Officer Breakfast Club

Frank lets Jen take it away and explain just how the web-based product, Homebot, is something you don’t want to be putting on the back burner.

When you input your closed client database into the Homebot system, it starts going to work on your behalf by sending homeowners valuable information about their home, their options, and the market value while providing you with all the insights. All this and it’s branded so that you continue to be front and center when they are ready to take action.

This is a really cool tool that allows you to dig deals not only out of your database, but out of your Realtor partner’s database as well!  Tune in and see what's up.

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