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Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

Episode 12

Welcome back to another episode of Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets. Today, your host, Frank Garay, shares a gadget that he has found to be one of the best out there when it comes to video. As we all have recently seen, short videos are what is driving engagement, views, and traffic within the marketing world– ultimately leading to the CTA, call to action.

Videoleap is a very cool editing app that offers a numerous amount of interesting features that make your video catchy for your viewers. 

Tune in to hear exactly how to create what’s called a “video short” that lasts 30 seconds and find out the 3 things you should be including in it. 

Jump on a call with one of our coaches and learn more ways to move the needle in your mortgage business. 

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Gizmos and Gadgets from this episode: