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Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

Episode 38

Welcome to The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast. This episode is primarily focused on newer loan officers. As a 35+ year vet in the mortgage industry, some of the things Frank is seeing, has prompted this conversation. If you're new to the mortgage business, it's critical to start on the right path. That would be the path to becoming "self-sourced". There are huge benefits to being a self-sourced LO. 

Frank starts off by explaining exactly what self-sourced means as a loan originator. If you don’t know what self-sourced means, press play now and get ready to understand why it’s so very important and how valuable you become to companies. 

To truly define yourself as a loan originator, you must originate loans…shake the tree…get the fruit. 

So, where do you get the deals to become self-sourced? Funny you should ask – Frank goes over all that in this podcast…tune in now.  

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